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Multidoge or Dogecoin Core no longer sync? Or were your Dogecoins on Doughwallet?


No problem! We can help you recover your Dogecoins.

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MultiDoge Recovery

Multidoge is a wallet that was mainly used in the beginning. It’s almost impossible to synchronize the wallet anymore. Fortunately, we can still get the coins out!

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Dogecoin Core Recovery

Dogecoin Core is a wallet that, like Multidoge, was mainly used in the beginning. It is out-of-date. Luckily we can still recover your coins from this program.

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Doughwallet Recovery

Were your Dogecoins on your doughwallet? Sadly this wallet is out-of-date and cannot be used anymore. However there is still a way to retrieve your Dogecoins!

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many more

Your wallet not in this list? No worries! We can still have a look. We can recover most Dogecoin Wallet that are unreachable.
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How a Multidoge wallet recovery works

Before we start the recovery of your dogecoin wallet, we first need some information. You are required to have some of the necessary data. If you haven’t written down or kept any wallet files (or old hard drives). The chances are, there is, unfortunately, nothing we can do to recover these.

1. our First contact

The first step is for you to get in touch with us. You can simply use the LiveChat, fill in the contact form or send us an e-mail.

In this first stage, we will discuss the possibilities and what we can do for you.

2. Starting the recovery

Most times it’ll only take us a day to recover your Dogecoins. The more difficult recoveries could take up to several weeks.

During the whole process, we will keep you updated on the status of the recovery.

3. Returning the dogecoins

When the recovery succeeded, we will need a new Dogecoin address from you. This way we can deposit the recovered Dogecoins to your new wallet.

Contact us for our current commission rate.


100% Customer Satisfaction

We only charge a commission whenever the multidoge wallet recovery succeeded.

No cure = No pay

Please contact us for our current commission rate.

Why use is a part of a legally registered Dutch Company. We’ll always keep close contact and let you know about the status of the recovery. We’ve already solved multiple Dogecoin Wallet Recoveries AND have a 5/5 star rating on Google and Facebook! We also have a Dutch Crypto Recovery Service called:

What Our Clients are Saying

Bart van hinte
Bart van hinte
Jaren geleden wat doge gekocht en opgegeven. Bij de leuke waardestijging er achter gekomen dat ik er niet bij kan. Na eerst alles zelf geprobeerd te hebben Cryptoherstel gevonden. In eerste instantie leek het ook Robbert niet te lukken en legde ik me er bij neer. Een tijdje later kreeg ik te horen dat het alsnog gelukt is! Superfijn natuurlijk maar ook heel eerlijk dat ik weer benaderd ben. Betrouwbaar, volhardend en service gericht!
Jeffrey Bink
Jeffrey Bink
Wallet laten herstellen, was echt binnen een paar dagen klaar top service!
Aukje achternaam
Aukje achternaam
Reageerde snel en ik vertrouwde hem ook met mijn gegevens toe. Ik zou het weer doen.
anne Svdl
anne Svdl
Ik was mijn Dogecoin Wallet kwijt, gelukkig vond ik cryptoherstel en die hebben hem weten terug te halen. Heel erg bedankt voor de fijne en deskundige Service!
Vorige week mijn bitcoin wallet hier laten herstellen, communicatie was vlekkeloos en al binnen 3 dagen mijn cryptomunten weer binnen!! Echt een aanrader mocht je je crypto wallet kwijt zijn of er niet meer inkomen! Toppers

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